Key services include:


Facilitation, Presentation and Training

I design, plan and present a range of interactive workplace training programs to prevent problem behaviours arising at work and equip people with the knowledge and skills to work more positively. Programs are tailored for your setting. Some of these include;

  • dealing with difficult behaviours at work
  • conflict clues and communication skills
  • disability awareness training


Sometimes you might need to engage an external investigator to help ‘get to the bottom’ of something. I provide professionally documented investigation services that will stand up to legal scrutiny. I specialise in harassment and bullying complaints.



There are occasions when an impartial mediator can assist with resolving complaints at work. I provide impartial and objective assessments of the causes of conflict and positive suggestions for resolution. Some of the mediation services include;

  • mediation between the individuals
  • group mediation.


There are times when a manager and or a staff member may benefit from one-on-one coaching. I can help people;

  • develop a plan to ‘nip a problem in the bud’
  • prepare and practice what they want to communicate
  • conduct investigations into inappropriate behaviours at work

Remedial counseling

Sometimes an employee simply doesn’t appear to understand the impact of their behaviours (intended or unintended) on others in the workplace. In these situations, one-on-one counseling can be the best way to help people understand the difference between:

  • what a person says and how they say it
  • how a person acts and how it is perceived by others
  • poor communication and effective communication